Wandering the lanes of Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is one of the most hyped places in Delhi. 

The boutiques, the cafés and restaurants, coffee shops, everything about this place has its own charm. The ruins of the fort, the lake adds to a beautiful view at Hauz Khas Village. 

We went on a Saturday – the most popular day of the week! Everybody is their best outfits, clicking selfies, getting drunk and having fun. Its a typical Hauz Khas Village look 🙂 

We entered MyBar Grill, Hauz Khas Village – The interiors have exposed brick work, an open bar, big glass doors overlooking the view outside, nice couches and tables. However, the vibes weren’t as what we were expecting. The music was dull and the air conditioners seemed to be very loud. 

So we left the place, and entered Capsule By Hinglish. 

Since we were quite a number, we were seated on the third and the last floor of the café – more of a private area where you can enjoy drinks and food with your friends. 
We ordered some draught beers with orange slices. The ambiance was lovely and we all enjoyed our time there having nice conversations. 

Capsule has got lovely interiors and work done. The place looks lively and the colours go well with each other. Walls have some posters and funny quotations. The furniture is quirky and cool with cute cushions – all of it makes you feel at home. 

The price range is reasonable – offered 14 Draught beers for 1400 bucks. 🙂 

We left and were wandering in the lanes of Hauz Khas Village when we entered into the lane where there are many shops selling rolls, waffles and snacks. 

We ate some rolls and later ordered waffles at Wafflelicious!

A small place with one guy overlooking the shop. Two waffle makers, some ingredients to add flavours pretty much sums up the place. 

We ordered Nutella Madness for 140 bucks. 

The waffles tasted delicious because Oh! It was Nutella. The guy at the shop was pretty sweet to add ice cream and sprinkles to our waffles. 

For a moment there, I was so lost – I just wanted to eat more and more and forget the kilos that came along! 😀
By the evening we sat by the Hauz Khas Fort and enjoyed the view of the lake and sunset. The day was amazing and relaxing. Hauz Khas Village never disappoints – because you never run out of places to try out! 🙂

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Wild Foodventure @ Walk In The Woods

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Walk in the woods, Sector 18, Noida

– an interesting and unique restaurant in the Atta Market. The theme of the place is the wild jungle like and they have even added sound effects of birds chirping all over. The ambiance and the layout is good, kids and young bees enjoy the decor. 


The place also has special arrangement for celebration on birthdays of the customers. The staff gather around and cheer the crowd and birthday song play in the whole restaurant. I found it really nice and created a happy environment among the people.



They serve Indo-Chinese cuisine. However we stuck to Indian cuisine. The soup menu was okay, we ordered Sweet Corn Veg & Man-chow Soup. I would highly recommend Man-Chow soup for Chinese lovers. On the side, we had Masala papads (Aren’t they a necessity? 😉 )
Main Course – We ordered Paneer Makhni and Veg. Jalfrezi. I found the latter to be a little on the spicier side whereas Paneer Makhni was sweet. Overall, the sabzi tasted good with naans and tandoori rotis. 


The price range of the menu is a bit above average but the quantity is good, so its worth the cost. Clearly, Walk in the woods is one of the best places to dine in at sector 18, Noida.


  • Food – 4/5
  • Service – 4.5/5
  • Ambiance – 4/5
  • Value for money – 4/5

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Sorry for the long break I’ve taken from the blog.

Sharing my recent work for an architecture competition held in Jaipur, India – NASA. The topic on which I worked is the Tawaiif culture.

The sketch depicts a Rajdasi, a dancer for the kings who was sent to another kingdom to perform and with her position she kills the men who touch her. This tactic was used to weaken the enemy kingdom.

Love the details of the interiors of the palace.

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Stop Complaining and Be Happy

​Life is really simple, but we tend to complicate it. Yes, life does have it’s ups and downs and we may face circumstances we never want to. But what’s important is how you handle yourself when you face problems. Instead of sitting and complaining about why you have this or that problem, one should find a solution to it. 

  • Happiness is felt from within. Everything you do creates a happy or sad emotion in you. We should realise that being happy helps increase our inner strength, focus and helps spread positive vibes.
  • We must learn to be active and optimistic come what may. 
  • Be Busy .. Being busy helps us being active and keeps our mind off the daily issues in life..
  • Developing Relationships.. People come and people go. But its important to have atleast 5 close relationships with whom you share a special comfort zone. 

As you waste your breath complaining about life.. Someone is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have and make the most of it. Be thankful and stop complaining. Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about. (:
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Architecture exhibition 2016



So as a resident of Delhi, India I was privileged to attend the annual exhibition held in one of the biggest venues for events – Pragati Maidan.


Lots of people from various places had come from different backgrounds.. Builders, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, students etc.. As a student there was so much I learnt there. I visited the exhibition for 3 out of 4 days and was excited looking at every stall present.


At a lights and decorations company’s stall where we got to see different types of lightings, lamps, elements to design these.


View from front


The view from beneath of a decorative light

At Greenlam’s store who had one of the best stalls at the exhibition. I loved how interestingly they arranged different pieces of wood to create designs like the one below.

This is a structure made of digital veneer wood which was eye catching to all the visitors present.


Decoration in veneer wood which has digital printing on it. Excellent idea for artistic shops and public places.


A stall at the exhibition.. So aesthetic and elegant.. Lots of visitors were admiring and clicking pictures near the stall.



I loved  the vibes there and  hope to keep visiting such exhibitions also In the future!

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Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm can mean so much as an emotion.. It can be happiness, excitement, zeal, Eagerness, passion..

i am going to talk about enthusiasm as a passion.

So, I am an architecture student and I love doing what I do. I love working at the construction classes, studying and understanding plans and sections, learning how to render as a fresher and everything that has been taught fascinates me.

I am glad I chose this field because if I hadn’t followed my dream to be an architect I would have been stuck at some college studying something I don’t want to..

Architecture is my passion and gives me a kick.. It makes me happy and motivated.

I am writing this blog to motivate everyone out there to do something that you want to and follow your dreams cause if you don’t, you’ll end up regretting all your life.


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I Have Dreams

I am a human being

I have dreams, 

Ambitions and desires.

I face hardships and hurdles

I try to flee from them

But I must not flee, 

I must overcome and conquer 

All that’s mine.

And when the storm is over

I won’t remember

How I managed to survived

How I made it through.

But one thing is certain,

Once I walk out the storm,

I wont be the same when you walked in

I must not give up,

I must not flee

For I have dreams.

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Daily Prompt: Abide

To abide is to live with it.. Acceptance, some memories, living, adjusting.. Probably with someone’s lifestyle, someone’s habits, some rules,  decisions.

We abide by the rules, we accept them, we follow them, even if we don’t like them, we do. We look at our old photographs and reminisce the good days and the bad days.. We abide by the memories that we have left in the past.

There are times when no matter how hard we try, we fail to accept some circumstances, we are unable to abide by them.. But it’s important to wait for and to abide the good days to come.

Words can create such impact in our lives. I would have probably never even thought of this word so vividly if it wasn’t for this blog.

Thank you for abiding with me and reading my blogs 🙂

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