Open House Cafe Birthday Bash

Open house café turns 2! Yes! And they introduced a birthday week from 14th to 16th July 2017 to celebrate their birthday. They slashed the prices as low as Rupees. 2 for a beer to share their love and joy, through these tempting offers.
But wait, there’s more!

Open house café created a wall of memories, where in you take pictures with props provided and pin them up on the wall. What a cute and meaningful way to collect memories to cherish later.


The café introduced a special birthday menu to celebrate and we cannot be more excited. From salads to pizzas, everything tasted sooo amazing, we cannot stop drooling. The pictures say the rest.

So What’s New

Did we mention the launch of some new cocktails that are worth trying!
Try out Summer Sangria, a perfect drink for summers, duh. Served with wine along with fresh summer fruits like pineapples, cantaloupe to give you major Hawaii feels! I enjoyed the flavors that become better as time passes because of the fruits added in.

Next in line are Summer cooler, Mint Papaya Foaminitini, Watermelon Rooska, all good drinks, depending on your likes.


About food, the café serves everything from Indian to Italian to Chinese!
For starters, we had Mughlai Paneer tikka, which I really enjoyed. Paneer was soft, the spices were just the right amount, and the way it was marinated was lovely. Next, we tried Cous Cous salad, tastes a little sweet and sour, served with veggies like carrots, that go well with the dish.



Cous Cous Salad

The garlic bread, a cheesy combination served with olives on top, was crisp and delicious to eat!


My favourite here is the Veg pizza which had yummy veggies and cheese – just the right amount. What I loved more is how to crust worked all the way to my mouth, the sound of the crunch that will make you swoop in and get some right now. Season them up and relish the taste!


The best part about the food at Open House Café is their presentation. All colours complement each other, in a very sophisticated and balanced manner. The spices, vegetables, colours, sides all fit in perfectly together to give you an amazing taste.

2017-07-15 02.39.37 1.jpg

Love the presentation & the colours in here!


Juicy Lucy Burger.jpg

Juicy Lucy Burger

My Recommendations

Try the veg pizza and the garlic bread if you enjoy Italian food and combine them with a beer or two. The cocktails are worth trying!
Also, try the wide and delicious range of desserts they serve. Once you are there, ask the waiter to serve you the gulab jamun covered with chocolate and say no more. They will do the rest.



akuri mini chow.jpg

Akuri Mini Chow


All in all, open house Café is a good place to hang out with friends and your loved ones. The prices are probably not that pocket-friendly but it’s a hundred percent worth it. Can’t wait to be back there to enjoy some music, food and drinks.


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