Are you a new mother? Are you worried about your child’s health and diet? Don’t worry Eat.Delete.Junior has got you covered! This wonderful book has all tips to help your child adopt a healthy diet that helps him to grow and nurture. It is important to realize that diet is an extremely important for your child to be healthy and grow according to his age.


Pooja Makhija, the author, with her book Eat.Delete.Junior

The book comprises of all the information you need in order to stop preaching healthy, healthy and actually start adapting a healthy lifestyle for your kids.
In my personal opinion, this book is a God’s gift to new parents who are trying to nourish their children in this era of junk food joints at every corner you can imagine.


At the book launch in Delhi / Olive Kitchen And Bar

The book goes point to point explaining how you can accomplish the Mission Nutrition, while not forcing them to eat healthy but making them want to eat healthy. You cannot force a healthy diet on them, so as a parent, you have to adopt new methods to make them like healthy food.

Understanding the Importance Of Eating Right

Quoting the author, Pooja Makhija, “After a while, when the kids realize the importance of healthy food and diet, they themselves would not want to eat some fries at McDonald’s and rather encourage their own friends to eat healthy food.” This is what fooducating your children does.

In this era,

Where competition is so high in every field you can possibly imagine, health cannot be neglected. It has to be taken care of since birth till children become grown-ups.
Pooja Makhija has carefully laid out methods, that she herself uses to implement on her own children, so the book is very relatable to young mothers. All you need to take care of your child’s nutrition is here. You will not require any other book to go through for a healthy lifestyle.

The book comprises of tables and charts that age-wise describe the amount of water, calories intake required by your children.

To sum it up

The book helps parents to make their children active, happy and healthy. It helps to analyse why your child may not be as active as they should be at their age, what wrong could be in their diets and so much more! The list is endless.

Go ahead and click the link below to buy this issue for yourself.

Eat.delete.Junior Amazon – Buy now

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