Wandering the lanes of Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is one of the most hyped places in Delhi. 

The boutiques, the cafés and restaurants, coffee shops, everything about this place has its own charm. The ruins of the fort, the lake adds to a beautiful view at Hauz Khas Village. 

We went on a Saturday – the most popular day of the week! Everybody is their best outfits, clicking selfies, getting drunk and having fun. Its a typical Hauz Khas Village look 🙂 

We entered MyBar Grill, Hauz Khas Village – The interiors have exposed brick work, an open bar, big glass doors overlooking the view outside, nice couches and tables. However, the vibes weren’t as what we were expecting. The music was dull and the air conditioners seemed to be very loud. 

So we left the place, and entered Capsule By Hinglish. 

Since we were quite a number, we were seated on the third and the last floor of the café – more of a private area where you can enjoy drinks and food with your friends. 
We ordered some draught beers with orange slices. The ambiance was lovely and we all enjoyed our time there having nice conversations. 

Capsule has got lovely interiors and work done. The place looks lively and the colours go well with each other. Walls have some posters and funny quotations. The furniture is quirky and cool with cute cushions – all of it makes you feel at home. 

The price range is reasonable – offered 14 Draught beers for 1400 bucks. 🙂 

We left and were wandering in the lanes of Hauz Khas Village when we entered into the lane where there are many shops selling rolls, waffles and snacks. 

We ate some rolls and later ordered waffles at Wafflelicious!

A small place with one guy overlooking the shop. Two waffle makers, some ingredients to add flavours pretty much sums up the place. 

We ordered Nutella Madness for 140 bucks. 

The waffles tasted delicious because Oh! It was Nutella. The guy at the shop was pretty sweet to add ice cream and sprinkles to our waffles. 

For a moment there, I was so lost – I just wanted to eat more and more and forget the kilos that came along! 😀
By the evening we sat by the Hauz Khas Fort and enjoyed the view of the lake and sunset. The day was amazing and relaxing. Hauz Khas Village never disappoints – because you never run out of places to try out! 🙂

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